San Jose Home and Termite Inspection

Learning you have termites is enough to fill you with fear and dismay, but Monasmith Home and Termite Inspection is here to help you find quick, long-term solutions. Our San Jose home and termite inspections are the smart place to start whether you are a home buyer, a current home or business owner, a real estate agent or a property manager inspecting a new building. We also serve contractors and HOA managers. Knowing what you are up against and what can be done to solve any problems we discover can give you peace of mind while ensuring that your home or commercial property is safe.

Complete San Jose Termite Inspections

Our knowledgeable service team is always ready to provide you with a complete home inspection or with a customized inspection and service plan designed specifically for your needs. We always start by determining whether a termite problem exists on your property before we together determine the best treatment for your needs. Because termites are truly our specialty area, we can recognize even the most hidden signs of an infestation. No problem is too big or too small for our company to tackle.

Solid Solutions for Termites in San Jose

If we discover a problem during one of our San Jose termite inspections, we can immediately create a tailored solution using our expertise and your guidance. For example, we can provide localized treatments if there is only a minor termite problem on the premises. For major issues around the home or commercial property, we offer detailed termite fumigation plans, including multi-day options, as well as subterranean treatments. We even offer an environmentally safe alternative using Orange Oil.

With same-day reports about your property’s results, you will immediately have the information you need to make a solid decision about how to proceed.

Our Four-Step Inspection and Treatment Plan

Every time we meet with a client, we follow a basic four-step plan for completing San Jose home inspections and providing services. First, we will schedule a consultation for you with one of our professionals at your convenience. Second, we will inspect the residential or commercial property on-site, looking carefully in all areas. Third, we discuss possible solutions with you while going over the detailed property report. Finally, we set up a time to complete the termite treatment so that you can continue on with your life worry-free.

Step 1

Call our friendly team to schedule your first appointment or consultation.

Step 2

After we talk to you about your problem, our specialists will go to your business or home to conduct a thorough inspection.

Step 3

If we discover you do have termite issues, we will talk to you about different treatment options and services you can use.

Step 4

Once you decide on a treatment option, we will give you the best possible termite treatment.

Why Monasmith Home and Termite Inspection is Your Best Choice

We know that we are your ideal choice for San Jose termite inspections because we are termite experts. Rather than focusing on all types of pest control issues, we have chosen to make termite prevention and solutions our specialty. With industry-leading treatments backed by eco-friendly products, we always provide safe and effective solutions for even the largest termite infestations. Our comprehensive services ensure that termites are eradicated from your business or residence and that your structure is preserved.

Contact our office today to schedule your San Jose residential or commercial inspection so that you can experience true peace of mind in a pest-free property.

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