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We are certified home inspectors who offer comprehensive assessments of residential real estate from roofs to foundations. When you hire us, you get unbiased reports about key areas of your property. Use this information to decide if that endearing wrap-around porch is a good trade-off for an outdated HVAC system.

Key Home Inspection Areas


Your home’s exterior structures are its first lines of defense against bad weather and pest invasions. We inspect roofs, siding, and soffits for breaches. We check your home’s porches, railings, and walkways to make sure that they are structurally sound and safe. We also evaluate the general condition of your home’s exterior doors and windows.


Nothing in your home is as critical as the air that your family breathes. We check your home’s attic and insulation for toxic substances such as asbestos* and mold* that impact indoor air quality. When we inspect older homes, we also recommend lead paint tests*.

The amount of insulation in your home is a good indicator of its energy efficiency. Our home inspection reports let you know the areas of your home that have low or no insulation. We also inspect the general condition of your ceilings, walls, and floors.

* mold, asbestos, and lead tests available by request at an additional charge.

Critical Systems: HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical

A fully functioning heating and cooling system is a must-have feature for any home. Since replacing your HVAC system costs thousands of dollars, you don’t want any surprises about its condition. We inspect your HVAC system to find out if it works properly, and we inform you about the age of your unit that has an average useful life of 15 years.

We inspect the interior water supply, fixtures, and faucets that are associated with your home’s plumbing system. We report poorly installed hot and cold water faucets, water leaks, and damaged toilets.

Faulty wiring is a key cause of house fires across the nation. We check home wiring for performance and safety issues.

Foundation and Crawl Space

We inspect foundations, crawl spaces, and other structural components for signs of instability such as cracks in sheetrock and masonry. We evaluate water disbursement to spot risks of water damage to your home’s foundation.


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What to Expect From Our Home Inspection Team


When you trust us with your home inspection needs, you’ll get honest assessments and personalized service. While your family may have formed emotional attachments to a property, our home inspection reports give you the needed reality check that can turn into real savings when it comes to buying, selling, or maintaining your home. Considering buying or selling a property? Call us today to schedule a home inspection.

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