Home & Termite Inspections for Properties in Escrow

When you are buying a home, termite damage can quickly cause thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. Home sellers also need a termite-free property because no one wants to buy a home that has an infestation. Escrows can help by giving buyers letters from termite control companies that state the home is free of termites.

Each state has different laws, but some states actually require that the buyer pay for a pest inspection. Other states require the seller to handle a percentage of the inspection costs. No matter what your specific requirements are, you want a process that is handled quickly and effectively. In addition, you need a company like Monasmith Home & Termite Inspection because we have a reputation for providing superior termite treatments.

Whether you want a termite inspection, home inspection, or fumigation for your entire property, our specialists can help. Learn more about our services by calling today (831) 737-5543.


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