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Home buyers need to be extremely wary about termites in a new home. Even new properties can already have a silent infestation because lumber is rarely treated before it is used to build a home. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damages. This silent epidemic can quickly eat through the flooring, walls and structure of your home before you notice it. Ideally, you want to avoid these damages completely. Many homeowners’ insurance providers do not cover termite damage, so you should do a complete inspection for termites before you move into a different home.

By getting your home inspected for termites, you can find out if there are any damaged areas or infestations right now. In addition, you can learn about which areas are more likely to develop problems in the future. Whether you need to find or treat an infestation, our team can help.

Whether you want a termite inspection, home inspection, or fumigation for your entire property, our specialists can help. Learn more about our services by calling today (831) 737-5543.


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